Simple and Rewarding Aladdin's Lamp Jackpot Slot

Aladdin’s Lamp jackpot offers slot players incredible entertainment and great rewards.  This exciting 3-reel, 3-payline video slot is equipped with an impressive progressive jackpot that does, on occasion, exceed the million dollar mark.  This is one slot that both promises and delivers huge rewards.

Created by Boss Media, Aladdin’s Lamp features a relatively simple slot design. The gameplay is straight forward and the pay table clearly lays out the different combinations players need to achieve to be rewarded.

Any player hoping to win the grand prize when playing Aladdin’s Lamp needs to keep in mind that they must make the maximum coin bet and play all three lines if they want this chance.  The online casino’s Aladdin’s Lamp jackpot is awarded when three genie symbols result across the slot’s third line.

That said, even if a player does not strike the top prize, there’s still plenty to enjoy and gain from playing this fairytale-themed slot.  For instance, this game offers players a good range of wager amounts.  Therefore, it accommodates all different bankroll sizes. The minimum bet is $0.25 and the maximum bet is $5.

Remember, while you can make any wager within these betting parameters and win great cash rewards, in order to receive the full progressive jackpot payout, you must make the max bet, which would be $15 dollars (3 lines x $5 bet).  Although this may sound like a lot to bet, the difference in your winnings, should you succeed in hitting the jackpot, could be hundreds of thousands or even millions compared to a few thousand dollars.  Choosing the risks you take with your bets is all part of the thrill!

Aladdin’s Lamp was first introduced to the internet gambling scene in 1999, but was revamped and re-released in 2004 with better graphics and a new format.  The primary difference between the original and the one that can be found online today is the initial game only had one line, while the game now has three.

Play the online casinos Aladdin’s Lamp jackpot to find out if the genie will grant your wishes for riches.

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