The Beach Life Jackpot Monster Money Prize

Online casino players who love the beach will want to try for the massive Beach Life Jackpot.  The popular 5-reel progressive slot game from Playtech has passed the 1.4 million Euro mark, and Grand Duke Casino is inviting players to take their chances at spinning for this life-altering reward.

Winning the huge cash prize that comes with this Playtech progressive slot game is the ultimate goal, but it is not the only thrill that players can look forward to when enjoying this super virtual slot machine.  This video slot is jam packed with action, as well as a fun and sexy beach theme.  Since it was first introduced online, Beach Life has captured the attention of online punters from around the world.

According to casino analysts, on average, it is estimated that the big Beach Life jackpot is won every 131 days.  Therefore, if their calculations are correct, the gigantic jackpot is bound to be struck again soon.

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