Bingo Tips

Online Bingo Tips and Strategies

We promise you this: all we need from you is just five to ten minutes of your time and that’s it. You’ll learn everything you have to know about online bingo! Ready? Let the countdown begin!

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How to Play Online Bingo

Before we teach you how to play online bingo, make sure that you already know of a site to play online bingo. You know one already? Okay, great, let’s teach you how to play online bingo.

In online bingo, cards are randomly selected for internet bingo players. Some online bingo sites allow you only to play three to four cards but there are times when you can play more than that. We advise you to get only as many online bingo cards as you can watch. If you get more cards than you can watch, you won’t be able to make sure that you’ve properly marked all of the online bingo cards.

The objective of internet bingo is the same with land based casino bingo: mark the numbers that are being called out by the caller until you can safely shout “Bingo” or in this case, press the button to indicate that you’ve won.


We suggest that you play the blackout online bingo version because it’s easier to play and you have better odds of winning since all the numbers in a player’s card must be called out in order for him to win.


We suggest that you play online bingo during off-peak hours if possible. Although the jackpot size is relatively smaller, the number of opponents are also noticeably fewer so once again, your odds of winning at online bingo is improved.

Chat Rooms

Join chat rooms not only to get to know more players and meet new friends but also to pick out tips and advices.


If you want to enjoy playing for a long time, don’t play many cards in one game often. This will ensure that your money will last longer.

Sign Up Bonuses

Take advantage of sign up bonuses when looking for a site to play in. We know you already have a place in mind to play but surely another account wouldn’t hurt, especially if the sign up bonuses and loyalty program are attractive?

Hope you enjoyed reading our article and see? It’s not yet 10 minutes right? Good luck playing bingo!

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