Online Gambling Legalization in DC involves public meetings

Gambling Legalization in DC is just a step away from realization.

A series of meetings and public consultations are being held by the DC Lottery, with the purpose of future implementation of the online gambling law, that has been recently adopted. the meetings will involve the DC Lottery and the eight wards that form the jurisdiction.

The US jurisdiction of DC has passed a law that regulate online gambling, earlier this year. This way, DC is the first state in the US to legalize online gambling.

Passing of the law project had been made easily and not even the Congress had too many objections to it. This has been used by the opponents of online gambling legalization to accuse that the authors of the law did not consult with the public well enough, before making the law.

In order to clear this issue, DC decided to postpone the implementation of the bill and organize a series of public consultations and meetings with the eight wards of the city.

According to the DC Lottery director, Buddy Roogow, everything is set including the consultations dates and things are ready to be organized. The meetings will start on the 16th of August and they will last until the 14th of September. Most of them will take place in public libraries and community centers.

Roogow continued stating that from now on the law applies and there is no other direction to follow than this one, which is thought to be the right one. As it is all about online casino, and not real buildings, there is no way of affecting traffic and no impact in zoning regulation.

It is arranged that during the meetings the Lottery will promote the gambling law through some PowerPoint presentations. All the questions that might arise from the public will be answered by the Lottery’s officials, to make things clear and dissipate any gambling related myths.

DC residents will be able to play online casino games from their homes, contributing to a significant income in the form of taxes.

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