Overview on the Global Online Gambling

The Global On line Gambling has experienced several developments and setbacks during the past few years, to be the business it is today.

Online Gambling has been a business that appeared suddenly and spread rapidly in the market. At the beginning it was a totally unregulated occurrence. It was all too quick for most of the governments to legislate for.

After the Online Casinos and Online Poker appeared, what followed was more like a mixed bulk. The online gambling industry made effort to regulate itself with the setting up of a few organizations funded by online operators. The impartiality of these organizations was question during the various crises in the online gambling industry.

The implementation of UIGEA was been a positive change for online gambling and online casinos. This made online gambling transactions legal. After this Federal Bill ended, many publicly listed online operators had to step out of the biggest online gambling market, The United States of America. Even so, there weren’t a large number of companies to suffer after this negative event, in both Casino and Online Poker domain. The withdrawal of big companies like Party Gaming and 888 offered more chances for other companies to develop. Everything was going smooth until the event known in the industry as the Black Friday took place, when the US Government suppressed the largest Poker Rooms and made confiscations on both domains and funds. This led to the withdrawal of numerous operators in the US market. Questions arose and people wondered if this indicated the online gambling legislation in the US, and it truly looked so, confirmed by the appearance of land-based game suppliers. This was a positive change, as it was what everybody wanted, to safely gamble online in a regulated market.

The US government will still get what it wants, and it is proven by the online taxes that are imposed to operators. United Kingdom and most of the European countries all have specific regulations for online gambling industry and they can easily serve as working examples for the US government to follow.


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