No news can also sometimes be news, a fact observed in the online gaming space in May with no new casino game releases. Although being the month’s last week, the numbers have been below par. Only time will tell whether it’s just chance or a calm before the storm.

Usually Microgaming releases its new games first every month, either at the end of the first week or beginning of the second. New game announcements also happen in the earlier months to build up hype, but nothing has happened this year. For Microgaming, the qualifiers for its mega tournament, Grand Slam of Slots II, is a valid reason whereby it might not want any attention diverted by release of any new games. Starting later this month, the actual tournament will go on till the beginning of June. Therefore no new slot games may come up in June too.

Cryptologic, another leading software provider has also not released any new games in May, not a surprise, considering that no new releases have happened in the last six months. Its financial problems could be the obvious reason. Nevertheless things might change, since Cryptologic has announced the addition of new super hero slots but with no specific time limit.

Releasing a new slot game every month for the last few months is the software developer Vegas Technology. Never preceded by any announcements, the games go live at their online casinos in the month’s third week. Not known to skip months, they might release something in the coming days.

WagerWorks tends to release a game per month, but is known to skip months, with its last release being Star Trek in March 2011. But knowing them, something new and good should be out soon. Wagerworks is one of the only software providers whose focus is on quality than quantity.

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