Online Vs Landbased Casinos

How does an online casino differ from its landbased counterpart?
Well, obviously in one you play virtually on the Internet, while on the other you
gamble in a bricks and mortar casino, but there are key benefits to online
casino gambling such as:

Higher Payout Rates

Because online casinos are more efficient to run (no buildings
or free drinks) you can expect more of the betting pool to go back to the
punters, that is to say the Pay Out rates are superior, by which we mean
the % of total wagers that goes into the jackpot pool.

 Audited By Third Parties

Good online casinos are audited by Independent auditing and
testing firms. These companies run millions of games on the online casino
to check that the software is fair and that the odds are better than what
you would expect in a landbased casino.


One of the key benefits of betting online is privacy- you
won’t have anyone looking over your shoulder!


There are many online casinos and the market is very
competitive. Shop around and you will find some good offers either on
match bonuses or on free (no deposit) bonus offers.


Many people feel a lillte overawed in a landbased casino in
Vegas, for example, if they do not know the rules of a particular game.
Online is a good place to practice online
slots, roulette, blackjack or any other of the Las Vegas
style games and perfect your skills. You might even win some
money while you are at it!