Slots Tips

General Tips for Casino Slot Machine Players

We’ve noticed that there are a lot of people who are searching in vain for online slot machine tips. We’re now answering your prayer with this article on slots tips.

Which Slot Machine to Use

The oldest kind of slot machine is a mechanical one. The mechanical slot machine requires you to use a lever. Are you aware that it’s easier to win with a mechanical slot machine because you can cheat? That’s right. But that’s a bad, bad thing to do so don’t cheat, okay? But it’s sometimes more fun to use a mechanical slot machine because there doesn’t seem anything as sweet sounding as when you hear the wheels inside the slot machine starting to spin as you wait excitedly for the outcome.

On the other hand, if you hate antiquated stuff, you can always play using the video slot machine. A lot of casinos today prefer to hold this type of slot machine because it runs more efficiently. When using a video slot machine, all you have to do is hit the button and then wait if you can hit the right combination of pictures.

Lastly, you can always play the slots online. This is in fact more convenient because you don’t even have to leave home just to test your luck at the slot machine.

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The Progressive Slot Machine

Only a few understand the difference between a progressive slot machine and the normal slots. When you’re using a progressive slot machine, there’s a wee bit percentage of your slot (actual rate depends on where you’re playing) that’s taken out and added to the jackpot. Hence, the per-game payout percentage is lower than what you’d expect from the usual standard slot machine but the cumulative prize value could reach more than a million dollars if you’re lucky!

We suggest that when you’re playing a progressive slot machine, you should always go for max coins because it’s the only way you’ll be able to play for the jackpot prize.

Playing the slots is always fun for anybody and everybody but it’s not to your advantage if you forget just for one second that the slot machines are based on random factors. Thinking that there’s a technique for playing the slots is simply one sure way to losing more and more money afterwards. We don’t want that to happen, do we?

So while it’s easy to have fun while playing the slots, do make sure that you don’t chase after the big jackpots all the time because that’s just like chasing after the end of a rainbow. If you win, you win.

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