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It’s a case that has even the most hardened narcotics investigators shaking their heads. Not because they’ve confiscated four hundred dollars worth of Best Online Casinos in tiny pink packets, and nearly 1,000 dollars in cash from a Frankford man yesterday afternoon, but because the best casinos online undercover agents watched him deal the stuff while his seven-year-old was in the back seat of the car.

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Officers from the best online casino drug task force and other local agencies issued search warrants and made the arrests early Tuesday morning.
The suspects are accused of dealing marijuana and cocaine.
The arrests come after eight months of surveillance and investigation, but officials say they’re not done yet.
“We’ll obviously be looking for more, as we have other investigations that resulted from this,” said Chief Donald Perryman of Saranac Lake. “We anticipate more arrests.”
Perryman said they’re expecting to arrest at least four more people as part of their investigation.

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Drug dealing on the surface is a very dangerous, illegal business, both for those who are doing the drug dealing and the end buyer. What is so attractive about the internet to the drug dealing community is zero-level, anonymous communication and distribution. and internet casinos has gone to the next level with the best online Casino on net that help drug dealers get ideas. Drug dealing has gone above and beyond standing on a street corner waiting for patrons who dared to break the law by pulling curbside to purchase drugs. Instead, internet drug dealing allows a drug dealer to market drugs via a relatively anonymous method, such as underground internet poker message boards and offshore websites. Once confined to regional distribution, they are now world wide within nanoseconds.